Yesco is looking for a international stratagic partner to develop fully machined parts, sub assemblies and finished products in the area of valves, pumps and ship equipments. Yesco has got ready built infrastruture to start the stragic business units.

 Yesco is ready invest for special infrastructure, machinaries to suit customer needs.
           Imagine an ideal unit for your company in the best location with best resources.  To develop an organizational strategy aimed at generating future business or revenue we are interested in following significant organization segment SBU methodology. 
            We at Yesco prefer to create a Strategic Business Unit for the companies around the world who are interested in such design to create cross-unit synergies, promote radical outsourcing, foster the emergence of new businesses and pursue growth through strategic alliances at this same functional level.
            SBU allows<strong> planning and focusing on a distinct set of products or services,</strong> which are sold to a uniform set of customers, facing a well-defined set of competitors. The external dimension of a business is the relevant perspective for the proper identification of an SBU. These units are large enough and homogeneous enough to exercise control over most strategic factors affecting their performance. They are managed as self contained planning units for which discrete business strategies can be developed. This approach entails the creation of business units to address each market in which the company is operating. We organize the business units based on the market needs.